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No Fee Unless You Win

If you or someone you love suffered an injury due to a serious accident, you are probably worried about your costs. The cost of medical care, the cost of taking time off from work, the cost of hiring a workers’ compensation or personal injury attorney. You might feel hesitant to contact a lawyer out of fear that their fees will be too high.

Fortunately, Malone Bailey can help you. We offer a no-win, no-fee arrangement for clients throughout Minnesota. This means that you do not owe us any money – none – unless we obtain your compensation. There are no upfront costs for our services. Call Malone Bailey at 952-209-9018 or fill out a free initial consultation form.

What Is A ‘No-Fee, No-Win’ Payment Arrangement?

A law firm that offers a no-win, no-fee option means that the lawyers working for the firm do not collect any fees upfront. In fact, they do not get paid unless they get money for you through a settlement or a lawsuit. No-win, no-fee lawyers are a good fit for people who need an attorney but do not have the resources to pay legal fees upfront. This means that you would not pay any money at all unless your lawyer recovers financial compensation for you. Through this arrangement, you can receive the legal help you need without having to worry about the financial strain of paying an attorney immediately.

How Does It Work?

A contingency fee is another word for a no-win, no-fee arrangement. It means that a law firm’s fee is contingent upon its lawyers winning your lawsuit or recovering money through a negotiated settlement. After you receive monetary compensation, you pay your law firm a percentage of the money in exchange for its services.

Why Work With A No-Win, No-Fee Law Firm?

There are plenty of good law firms you can hire that do not work on a contingency fee basis. However, working with a no-win, no fee law firm has numerous advantages. These include:

  1. Zero upfront costs
  2. Cost-effective legal representation

One of the biggest advantages is that a no-win, no-fee arrangement ensures that all people have access to good-quality legal counsel. One of our fundamental beliefs is that everyone deserves a lawyer’s help after an accident involving someone else’s negligence. You deserve equal access to the legal system, no matter what your income or ability to pay is.

What If Your Case Is Not Successful?

In the rare event that your claim does not result in financial compensation, you still don’t have to worry. You would not owe us any fees. When our attorneys accept a case on a contingency fee basis, they understand the risk of not collecting any money. Our commitment to providing no-win, no-fee counsel means that you receive our team’s outstanding quality of service without having any financial risk at all.

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Malone Bailey has the no-win, no-fee, experienced injury lawyers for you. We also provide a free case evaluation. You have everything to gain by contacting us for more information. To speak with a personal injury attorney; discuss our no-win, no-fee agreement; or schedule a free consultation, please call our main office line at 952-209-9018 or send us an email today.