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The construction industry and fall accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Working in construction comes with quite a few risks that are not present at other jobs or in other industries.

This includes an increased chance in fall injuries, and specifically fall injuries from ladders at significant heights.

The hazard of slips, trips and falls

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics goes into detail about fall accidents in the field of construction. Statistics indicate that many workers who suffer from fall injuries lead to missed time at work. Of all nonfatal injuries in 2019 alone, 23 percent of them were due to slips, falls and trips. This amounts to around 25,000 construction workers having to take time off of work due to slipping, tripping or falling.

Construction workers face numerous slip, trip and fall hazards due to the nature of their workplace. For example, a worker could slip on a wet floor just as easily as they might fall from a ladder.

Falls versus slips and trips

A number of workers – 13,770 – missed work in 2019 due to falling specifically to a lower level. 7,400 of these falls occurred on the same level, such as a worker falling from the top of a ladder on the first floor to the first floor’s ground. An additional 3,620 of them involved tripping or slipping.

Workers who suffer from an injury due to a fall will often seek financial compensation due to the emotional and financial cost of such injuries. This is even more true for workers who end up missing out on a paycheck because they have to take time off to recover from their injuries.