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Understanding the reason behind your denied disability claim

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | Social Security Disability

Living with an unexpected disability can make your life unpredictable and your future uncertain. Your current condition might prevent you from working and meeting critical financial obligations.

Applying for social security disability benefits is one way you could potentially alleviate some financial strain. A denied claim could send you into a tailspin. Knowing some common reasons for a denied claim might help you identify some ways you can improve your inquiry before filing an appeal.

Insufficient evidence

The Social Security Administration has stringent guidelines for determining whether or not you have a disability. According to the SSA, disability has such a strict definition, most recipients have severe or life-threatening impairments.

If you cannot provide ample evidence of the seriousness of your condition, officials will immediately deny your application. You will need to collaborate with your health care provider to collect data about your disability.

Inaccurate information

An incomplete application or one that contains errors could be another reason for dismissal. One consideration is to thoroughly read through your application prior to filling it out. You can ask someone else to help you with this process. Once you fully understand the expectations, you can carefully fill in all the information, providing as much detail as you can.


Another reason for a denied claim could be non-compliance. This may include skipping steps during the application process, completing the steps out of order or not communicating regularly with the SSA. Each of these situations could jeopardize your eligibility to receive SSD benefits.

Your diligence in properly filling out the application can improve your chances of receiving benefits. If you have any questions, pause your application and find a reliable answer so you can continue with confidence.