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3 common causes of pedestrian accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Personal Injury

Traveling on foot often brings a degree of risk, but did you know that many pedestrian accidents have a common cause? The Centers for Disease Control and Safety note that a pedestrian death occurred nearly every 75 minutes in 2020, and while these accidents may occur in different parts of the country and in varying environments, they may all have several common factors.

If you often travel on foot, you may want to keep such risk factors in mind, as awareness may help reduce the risk of a serious accident.

1. Time of Day

Many pedestrian accidents occur at dusk or after sunset, when drivers may not see those walking or crossing a street as easily as they might during daylight hours. If you enjoy taking walks at night or walking your pet after dark, wearing reflective accessories may help keep you more visible to drivers in the neighborhood.

2. Environment

Many pedestrian accidents take place away from busy intersections because drivers in these areas usually must travel at restrictive speeds, especially when they encounter speed bumps and crosswalks. Areas where they can travel at higher speeds, such as in urban areas with fewer signals, may increase your risk of getting hit by a car. You may want to walk in areas that offer sidewalks so you can stay well off the road.

3. Age

Seniors, young children and teenagers carry the most risk of injury during a pedestrian accident. This is usually due to the increased chances of fractures for seniors and the weight of a vehicle versus the size of a young child.

You can keep yourself safe by walking in areas with reduced traffic flow and travel facing moving vehicles so drivers can see you more easily.