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What is a consultative exam for SSDI in Minnesota?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2024 | Social Security Disability

Many people apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits in Minnesota. Part of the evaluation process can be a consultative exam.

This type of exam, also known as a CE, is a medical evaluation by a health care professional the Social Security Administration chooses. Its purpose is to gather additional information about an applicant’s medical condition and its impact on their ability to work.

Why is it necessary?

The SSA requires a consultative exam when the information in an applicant’s medical records is insufficient to decide on their disability claim. This exam helps fill any gaps in the medical evidence. It provides a clearer understanding of the applicant’s condition.

What does the exam involve?

The health care professional will perform a physical examination and may order additional tests or assessments. The medical professional tailors the exam to the specific impairments or disabilities mentioned in the applicant’s claim.

What should applicants expect?

Applicants should be ready to discuss their medical history, symptoms and how their condition affects their daily life and ability to work. They need to be honest and thorough during the exam to ensure an accurate assessment of their disability.

How does it affect the disability claim?

The findings from the consultative exam undergo consideration along with the applicant’s medical records and other evidence. While the exam is an important part of the evaluation process, it is not the sole factor in deciding on the SSDI claim.

A consultative exam can help ensure that those who are unable to work due to a disability receive the support they need.