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What are workers’ compensation work restrictions?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

According to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, about 22,200 workers in the state collected benefits under workers’ compensation in 2019.

When you find yourself on workers’ compensation, it is important to understand your doctor may give you medical restrictions. These orders could impact your ability to return to work.

Understand work restrictions

Work restrictions are limitations placed on your ability to perform certain tasks or job functions while you recover from your workplace injury. Your treating healthcare provider will set the restrictions that focus on safeguarding your well-being and aiding your recovery.

Communicate with your employer

Upon receiving work restrictions from your healthcare provider, promptly communicate these limitations to your employer. The doctor should file a Report of Work Ability with your employer to inform them of your restrictions. This open dialogue ensures that your employer is aware of your situation and can make necessary arrangements to accommodate your restrictions.

Consider temporary alternative work

In some cases, your employer may offer you temporary alternative work that falls within your restrictions. Accepting such opportunities can help you stay engaged in the workforce while ensuring you do not further injure yourself.

Seek medical clearance

You will need to obtain medical clearance from your healthcare provider before you can return to work without restrictions. Trying to go back without the approval of your doctor could lead to setbacks or re-injury.

Understanding and adhering to work restrictions while on workers’ compensation is essential for a successful recovery. Being aware of and respecting these limitations is something you can easily do within the guidelines of the system.